Objects of Curiosity

By combining recycled materials and creating one-off pieces which are limited  I am tackling the materiality of jewellery and challenge what can be perceived as precious by exploring human curiosity. A great influence in my work plays cosmic objects and exploration of the universe.

Pin and brooch collection


‘Curiosity’ Necklace


Being based in Glasgow I am missing the sea most, growing up on the seashore made a huge impact on my work. This statement necklace is a journey from childhood memories to the present day. It is fluid and light, colour gradient gives the notion of blurry memories coming back, pretty much like the waves in the sea. It is a sentimental piece and the one that would leave anyone the centre of attention.

Earrings ‘Ingenium’

It all started when…

I was looking for inspiration in places that I know best – home. The thing that always fascinated me there where machines and how they work. My dad has a huge collection of items from all the electronic devices and a lot of bits and pieces from various mechanisms. So it was the best place to start.

These earrings are made of up-cycled fan wings and turbines. In most cases when taken apart and out of the context they look nothing like their previously intended.

A lot of people are thinking that I make my pieces by 3D printing, however, none of my jewellery pieces are printed, they are raw material straight from electronics. Moreover, I just simply love the process of finding these components in the most unexpected place and adding them sentimental value and also the unpredictable nature of them. Hence the name of this collection ‘Ingenium’ Latin for innate or natural quality, a genius, an invention.

Photographs taken by talented Natalia Poniatowska http://npaphotography.com/